SCO v. End Users: Part 1, The start of the trail

In order to sue an end user,
someone they don't have a contract with, SCO has to prove that the end user is infringing. How can they get to their target?  The diagram below tracks SCO's claimed source code from its original authors, through contract transfers, licenses, unauthorized copying into the Linux kernel tree, and finally into the hands of a well-known vendor of Linux distributions.

Each quadrant of the graphic below is linked to a page of text that both describes the "action" within the quadrant and provides some answers to common questions.
Original Owner? UNIX licensee
Linux Distribution Maker Linus Torvalds

At the last link on this page, the misappropriated code has been included in two separate Linux distributions, one called "rh9" and one called "RedHat Advanced Server" (RHAS). But it's still not in the hands of an end user. Stay tuned, though - that comes next.
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