SCO v. End Users: Original owner - the starting point

The source code to UNIX is contained in many  thousands of separate files. The set of all the files together comprises the operating system source code. When AT&T's Unix System Laboratories wrote UNIX, it created a literary work protected by Copyright. n1 A chain of owners succeeded AT&T: Santa Cruz Operation, Novell, Caldera, and finally SCO. n2  The copyright status of the UNIX  source has been the subject of some controversy and at least one prior suit. n3  SCO, however, claims to own "all the rights" to UNIX source. n4  Only the owner of the copyright can bring an infringement suit - so this is where SCO gets its original standing to bring a claim.

The linked graphic is intended to capture both the original creation of UNIX as well as its transfer to the current owner. One file in particular is highlighted and named for use as an example in this presentation.
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